windows type current transformers   

windows type current transformers   

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Windows type current transformers

SADTEM is not only a leading producer of windows type current transformers but also makes the full range of medium voltage instrument transformers. This experience informs the expertise that goes into each windows type current transformers, units that are also known as zero sequence current transformers (ZSCTs) and are part of the indoor range. These transformers are supplied in a range of sizes to suit the needs of differing applications. SADTEM’s product range also includes all types of outdoor and indoor current transformers and both indoor and outdoor voltage transformers. The company is therefore able to serve customers in a wide range of industries, from industrial and electrical engineering to specialist units for the electric railway industry.

An international supplier of windows type current transformers

SADTEM is based in Douai, a town in northern France, and has been in business since 1929. The company’s experience, built up over more than 80 years, has seen it become a renowned leader in the industry, its expertise and the quality of its products leading to continued success and expansion. This has led the company to becoming a major international force in the industry, supplying clients in more than 80 countries and exporting more than 75% of its production output. This international experience has also helped the company develop a deeper understanding of international conditions and this knowledge continues to inform product development.

SADTEM’s production of windows type current transformers

Windows type current transformers are precision instruments and must be made to exacting standards in order to ensure accuracy. At SADTEM, the company believes that this is best achieved by maintaining total control over the production process. That is why SADTEM maintains an in-house manufacturing facility. This facility benefits from the latest computer and robotic controls, increasing accuracy and efficiency and releasing staff to concentrate on more technical activities.

The role of quality control windows type current transformers

By maintaining all aspects of production in-house, SADTEM is better placed to ensure the quality of its windows type current transformers. The company’s quality systems are certified to ISO 9001 but this is just the beginning. The company goes on to conduct extensive testing throughout the production process, from raw materials to completed instruments, and dedicates significant resources to research and development activities. The company also maintains its own laboratories and is able to conduct a wide range of international standards tests.