window type current transformer   

window type current transformer   

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Window type current transformer

A window type current transformer is sometimes also known as a zero sequence current transformer or by the acronym, ZSCT. As a leading producer of medium voltage instrument transformers, SADTEM manufactures this type of transformer in addition to other indoor and outdoor current transformers, voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor use, combine transformers and bushing type transformers. The window type current transformer is part of the indoor CT range and is offered in a range of sizes to address different applications. SADTEM offers transformers to clients in a wide variety of industries, from metering firms and those involved in the production of electric motors to railway electrification.

The company behind the window type current transformer

SADTEM has developed its expertise in the production of the window type current transformer over more than 80 years, since being founded in 1929. Based in Douai in the Nord department of France, the company’s expertise and the quality of its product line has been recognised by the industry, resulting in an expansion that has seen the company grow to serve clients in more than 80 countries worldwide. This in turn has allowed SADTEM to develop expertise in the specific environments that exist in many different countries. The company has thus become known for its in-depth knowledge and the expert advice given by its technicians.

Producing an accurate window type current transformer

SADTEM is keen to offer its clients the highest quality, most reliable and accurate transformers. To achieve this goal, the company has created a modern in-house production facility. Whereas other suppliers continue to outsource their manufacturing activities, SADTEM believes that having an in-house production model is the only way to retain complete control over all processes and hence guarantee the quality of each window type current transformer or other instrument. SADTEM has developed an incredible depth of expertise in the manufacturing process, including the vital casting process and the types of application best suited to each one. Computerised plant and robotic machines increase accuracy and efficiency and allow SADTEM staff to concentrate on more technical tasks.

Quality control and the window type current transformer

Because SADTEM retains total control of its production, it is able to ensure the highest possible quality standards. This is reflected in the company’s systems being awarded ISO 9001 certification. The company also extends its testing procedures across the entire production process, from the acceptance of raw materials to the testing of finished products. Every window type current transformer benefits from the company’s own laboratories and considerable research and development investment.