voltage transformers

voltage transformers

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Voltage transformers

Voltage transformers are often referred to as potential transformers; the terms used interchangeably. This type of unit is core to SADTEM’s product range and the company produces a broad selection of this type of transformer for use in a wide variety of circumstances. The SADTEM range can be divided into the indoor and outdoor ranges. The indoor range is more numerous and comprises four different models. These are the compact range, the integrated fuse type, plug-in type and auxiliary Power VTs and discharge reactors. The compact range is further broken down into 24kV, 36kV and DIN ranges. Compact models also come with a choice of either single or double HV poles. The SADTEM outdoor voltage transformers are supplied with either an insulated and metallised VT connector cable plug or as a train roof custom-built VT. Manufacturing processes are either a completely moulded unit in cycloaliphatic resin or a metallised resin with an isolator in cycloaliphatic resin.

Common uses of SADTEM voltage transformers

The voltage transformer is used in electrical power systems for stepping down voltage to a safe value. This reduced voltage can then be channelled to low rated relays and meters. They can therefore be considered as a measurement or instrument transformer. The transformer only puts a very small load on the measured supply and is considered negligible in its effect. The transformer also has a very accurate voltage ratio and can therefore dependably be used for very accurate metering and measurement purposes.

Total quality of SADTEM voltage transformers

The accuracy of SADTEM voltage transformers is reflected in the precision of their manufacture. This can only be achieved with the most exacting quality control and SADTEM’s quality system has therefore been certified to ISO 9001 standard. The company then takes its commitment to quality further, putting in the procedures throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee fault-free production. The company’s laboratories are also capable of carrying out the necessary international standard tests.

The company behind the leading voltage transformers

To be sure of the quality of you r voltage transformers, you need to be sure of the company that produces them. SADTEM has been in business for more than 80 years. Founded in1929, the independent company is headquartered in Douai, northern France. It has a complete in-house production facility and is able to address the requirements of both large scale orders and smaller, specialised production runs. The company is renowned, not just for the quality of its transformers, but also for its investment in research and development and responsiveness to customer needs.