voltage transformer

voltage transformer

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Voltage transformer

A voltage transformer can also be referred to as a potential transformer. These units are available from SADTEM in a range of configurations to suit a host of applications. The indoor range consists of the integrated fuse type, compact range, plug-in type, featuring insulated cable connector, and auxiliary power and VT discharge reactor type. The indoor compact transformers are available as a DIN range for those with certain dimensional needs and also in 24 and 36kV configurations. The compact range is also offered with a choice of one or two HV poles. The outdoor range is manufactured according to two processes. These comprise a metallised resin process with and isolator in cycloaliphatic resin or a totally moulded cycloaliphatic approach. The outdoor range is offered with a metallised and insulated VT cable connection plug or as a custom-built VT for train roof installation.

Using a SADTEM voltage transformer

The voltage transformer is a type of instrument or measurement transformer of the parallel connection type. A common use of this type of transformer is in the case of a high voltage circuit, where they are used to provide protection for instruments or meters where there is a phasor phase shift isolation. The voltage transformer is designed in a way to add only a very small load to the supply that is to be measured. Their extremely accurate voltage ratio then allows for the most accurate of measurements to be performed.

SADTEM for your potential transformer needs

SADTEM is a world leader in the production of the voltage transformer. The company was founded in 1929 and is still an independent firm in Douai, in the Nord department of France. The company builds on this 80 years of experience in designing medium voltage transformers by incorporating the most advance computer controlled production facilities. This combination confirms SADTEM’s leadership in the market and has led to the company’s expansion in the international market, where it now services clients in more than 80 different countries. Partnering with selected agents, SADTEM supplies clients in a whole range of industries, including railways, industrial and electrical engineering and power supply.

Ensuring the quality of the SADTEM voltage transformer

To produce a potential transformer of this quality requires the highest standards in manufacture. That is why SADTEM’s quality control system is certified to the ISO 9001 standard and is further enhanced to provide the necessary protection against the possibility of error or component failure. With the laboratory equipped to perform all standard international tests, the quality of the SADTEM voltage transformer is assured.