transformers research

transformers research

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Transformers research

Since 1929, SADTEM has been specialising in the production of high quality transformers. The company is based in Douai, in northern France and is focused on the manufacture of medium voltage instrument transformers including current and voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor applications, combine transformers and bushing transformers. Transformers research and development is a key activity at SADTEM and the expertise gained in these areas has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. This success has seen SADTEM grow to a position where it serves customers in more than 80 countries worldwide and exports 75% of its production output.

In-house transformers research, development and production

SADTEM is determined to maintain the highest standards in transformer manufacture and to achieve this it has insisted on keeping the entire production process in-house. This has led to the company developing extensive expertise in all areas of production, including the casting process and how different approaches are best suited to different applications. Our transformers research has allowed the company to develop the appropriate technologies to complete a modern, computerised and robotic production facility. The company has also used its international experience to develop solutions appropriate for many different environments and is proud to serve customers in industries as diverse as electricity metering and railways.

Using transformers research to respond to customer requirements

Because SADTEM conducts all aspects of transformer production in-house, the company’s knowledge base is expanded and transformers research benefits from real-world experience in all areas of manufacture. This also allows SADTEM to accommodate all manner of orders, from large volume production to the creation of customised transformers specific to a client’s own needs. In doing so, the company gains an even closer understanding of the client’s business and develops valuable insights in transformer design. Such services are no doubt responsible for the company’s continued reputation as a leader in the transformer industry.

Transformers research and quality control

SADTEM’s manufacturing procedures are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard. The company also conducts extensive testing throughout the production process, from the acceptance of raw materials to the final testing of completed products. The company’s laboratories are also on-hand to complete a range of international standards tests. The results of such testing are used to further inform the company’s transformers research activities, providing excellent data quality and shaping SADTEM’s efforts to produce ever-improving technologies on behalf of its customers.