transformer research

transformer research

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Transformer research

As one of the world’s foremost transformer producers, SADTEM also leads the industry in transformer research. The company brings more than 80 years of experience to bear in its research activities, having been founded in 1929. The company remains independent and can direct its research division as it wishes from its base in Douai, northern France. The company also produces a wide range of medium voltage instrument transformers, including indoor and outdoor current transformers, indoor and outdoor voltage transformers, combine transformers and bushing type transformers. This diversity gives the company a broad knowledge of the transformer market and in turn informs its research efforts.

The importance of in-house transformer research

At SADTEM, the entire production process has been retained in-house. The company believes that this is vital in maintaining control over the manufacturing process and the upkeep of the highest quality standards. This approach also aids the nurturing of knowledge and furthers transformer research efforts. This has allowed the company to develop a deep understanding of the casting process and a knowledge of how different approaches are suited to different applications. Knowledge of transformer production techniques has also allowed the company to intelligently update its production facilities with computer and robotic controls, thus ensuring that customers benefit directly from the most efficient and accurate techniques.

Transformer research and quality control

The transformer is a precision instrument and requires a precise manufacturing environment to produce the most reliable transformers. SADTEM’s transformer research division is constantly reviewing these processes to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. The company’s quality system adheres to ISO 9001 standards and its testing procedures further enhance these standards. Quality testing takes place at every stage in the process, from raw materials to finished products. The company also maintains extensive in-house laboratories, which carry out a range of international standard and further informs research activities.

Custom builds and transformer research

With an international reputation for transformer research, SADTEM is often approached by customers to complete custom assignments. The company is able to respond to such requests because of the control it has over its in-house production capabilities. Producing its own technology in-house also helps the company build the knowledge of its technicians and this expertise can then be shared with clients across the world. The company’s activities in a host of diverse industries also mean that its research activities are informed by many different business sectors.