reliable transformers

reliable transformers

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Reliable transformers

SADTEM has being making medium voltage instrument transformers since 1929. Needless to say, in that time the company has developed significant expertise. SADTEM knows that producing reliable transformers is a necessity for its customers and the company has shaped its entire business to deliver the most accurate and reliable transformers possible. The company has extensive knowledge of the different casting processes utilised in the industry and their precise use for different transformer applications. From its base in Douai the company has been rewarded for its dedication to quality, growing to supply customers in more than 80 different countries and exporting 75% of its production.

The quality required to produce reliable transformers

SADTEM transformers carry out vital work across the globe and must be made to the highest standards. To maintain its reputation for producing reliable transformers, the company therefore ensures its quality systems are certified to ISO 9001 standard. It also goes further, testing the quality of raw materials entering the production process and conducting extensive testing throughout assembly and finally with the finished product. The company also invests significant sums in research and development and its in-house laboratories are capable of carrying out extensive testing to international standards.

Mass produced and custom reliable transformers

SADTEM is proud to retain complete control of its production capability. Having every facility in-house means that it can respond swiftly to every customer’s business needs and fulfil every type of order. The production facility benefits from robotic assembly and computer controls, maintaining the highest standards and ensuring that the most reliable transformers possible are produced. This flexible production capability also means that the company can switch from large volume production runs to small custom jobs without any disruption of impact on quality standards. Being known for quality and expertise attracts new customers but being responsive to their needs keeps them with SADTEM.

SADTEM’s reliable transformers in use worldwide

SADTEM’s reputation for producing the most reliable transformers has seen thousands of units enter service all over the world. The company has clients in many demanding industries, including industrial engineering and electrical companies, firms involved in rail and locomotive electrification, large companies with extensive energy requirements, electrical utility companies and those involved with manufacture of electrical engines and equipment for revenue metering for electricity. SADTEM is proud of its roster of high profile clients and works hard to maintain its industry leadership, to guarantee the success of these business partnerships.