protection transformers

protection transformers

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Protection transformers

Protection transformers are a vital product in the electrical component industry. They are used to measure a circuit’s current and to achieve this they produce a proportional and predictable current in the transformer’s secondary winding. This is isolated from the main circuit and this replica current is then used as an input in a protective relay, which in turn can be used to isolate a section of the circuit in the event of a fault or abnormality. The rest of the plant can then be allowed to operate normally without interruption. SADTEM is an experienced and trusted suppler of such transformers.

A company with the right pedigree for producing your protection transformers

SADTEM was founded in 1929 and is a respected producer of medium voltage instrument transformers, including protection transformers. The independent company is headquartered in Douai, in the Nord department of northern France. The company has developed an enviable reputation over more than 80 years in business and now supplies clients in more than 80 different countries. The company now exports 75% of its output and has developed a deep knowledge of the specific requirements in each market. The company’s client roster includes customers in the railway industry, electrical and industrial engineering, and those involved in the manufacture of electrical engines and the energy industry.

A quality supplier of protection transformers

Over the years, SADTEM has developed expert knowledge of casting processes, understanding precisely which is suited to protection transformers and other applications. The company understands the need for quality and accuracy in the production of its components and has ensured that its quality system meets ISO 9001 standards. The company also maintains sophisticated in-house laboratories, allowing the carrying out of most types of international standards testing. To ensure continued quality, SADTEM invests significant sums in research and development and carries out testing at each stage of the production process, from raw material to finished product.

Responding to changing needs in protection transformers

There is no doubt that SADTEM’s quality and expertise are major reasons for the company’s continued success. Another factor, however, is the company’s ability to respond to changing customer needs. Because SADTEM controls every aspect of production in-house, it can adapt its modern, computer-controlled facilities to any requirement. This means that the firm can handle small, custom jobs just as easily as it can deal with large production runs of thousands of protection transformers.