protection transformer

protection transformer

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Protection transformer

SADTEM is both experienced and expert in the production of medium voltage instrument transformers. The protection transformer is a central product in the industry and has a key role to play in electrical circuits. These transformers are manufactured to measure the current in circuits and produce a current that is proportional in the unit’s secondary winding, which is isolated from the main circuit. Such replica currents are then utilised as inputs for protective relays, which can then isolate a section of a power circuit should it experience an abnormality or fault. At the same time it allows other sections of the plant to continue to operate normally.

SADTEM expertise in the protection transformer

SADTEM was founded in 1929 and has more than 80 years of industry experience. In that time it has developed an excellent reputation both for the quality of its products and the expertise of its staff. The company has a deep understanding of casting processes and how they relate to each type of transformer. This allows SADTEM to always produce the ideal transformer for any application. The company keeps every aspect of transformer production in-house at its Douai headquarters in northern France. This allows the firm complete control of the production of each and every protection transformer to bear the SADTEM name.

Guaranteeing the quality of the SADTEM protection transformer

SADTEM has ensured that its quality systems are certified to ISO 9001 standards and even goes further to ensure the quality of its transformers. Quality testing is carried out at each stage of the process, from the acceptance of raw materials into the facility to the testing of completed products. The SADTEM in-house laboratories are then able to carry out a whole range of international standards tests, such as frequency withstand, temperature rise, impulse voltage, ageing and climatic tests. This approach has been fundamental in the growth and success of SADTEM, which now serves customers in 80 different countries.

Working with your protection transformer partner

SADTEM knows that the quality of every protection transformer it builds adds to the company’s reputation but it also knows that in today’s fast-moving market it must go further to exceed customers’ expectations. That is why it prides itself in being totally responsive to every customer’s needs. By maintaining total control over its in-house protection transformer production capability, it is able to efficiently and quickly produce bulk orders but it is also able to tailor its processes to allow for the production of small custom jobs.