protection current transformers

protection current transformers

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Protection current transformers

Protection current transformers perform a vital task in electric circuits. They are used to produce a proportional current in their secondary windings and this is then isolated from the main power circuit. The proportionally reduced current is then utilised as the input to protective relays, which in turn isolate a section of the main circuit should it suffer a fault or failure. This technique allows any unaffected portion of the circuit to remain operational. Production current transformers are a core part of SADTEM’s product range, which also features current and voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor use, combination transformers and bushing transformers.

A leader in protection current transformers

SADTEM is renowned in the marketplace for the quality of its protection current transformers. The company has more than eight decades of experience in the transformer industry, having been formed in 1929. Since then the company has go on to specialise in medium voltage instrument transformers and enjoys an excellent reputation for its customer service and products. The independent firm is based in the northern French town of Douai but its business stretches across the world. Continued success has seen SADTEM recruit a network of agents and it now supplies customers with transformers in more than 80 countries around the globe.

Manufacturing protection current transformers

The demanding work of protection current transformers requires great care in manufacture. To achieve these high standards means having total control of the entire production process and SADTEM ensures this by keeping the manufacturing of its transformers in-house. The SADTEM manufacturing process features the latest in computerisation and robotic machinery. This allows the company to maintain the most accurate and efficient standards of production. Having complete control of production is also a benefit in terms of flexibility. It means that the company can accommodate the full range of customer requirements, from one-off custom jobs to large scale production.

Total quality in protection current transformers

Making precision instruments requires a total commitment to quality and this is what the customer finds at SADTEM. The company’s systems are approved by the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality certification. Every aspect of production undergoes frequent testing and the company maintains its own laboratories to conduct international standards testing. The company also invests significant resources into its research and development efforts, ensuring the ongoing excellence of SADTEM protection current transformers.