protection current transformers supplier

protection current transformers supplier

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Protection current transformers supplier

As a leading protection current transformers supplier, SADTEM manufactures a full range of units, specialising in medium voltage instrument transformers. In addition to protection current transformers, the company produces an extensive family of both voltage and current transformers for outdoor and indoor use. The range also includes combination and bushing type transformers. Protection current transformers are used to create a smaller, proportional current in their secondary windings, which is fed into a protective relay to be used to isolate part of the circuit. This approach is beneficial in allowing unaffected sections of the circuit to continue to operate without interruption.

A market leading protection current transformers supplier

SADTEM is proud of its position as a leader in the transformer industry. The company was founded in 1929 and has enjoyed a growing reputation for the excellence of its products and the expertise of its staff. This has been the foundation of SADTEM’s success and steady growth, which has seen the company expand from its base in Douai, northern France, to supply clients in more than 80 different countries with as a protection current transformers supplier of the highest quality. The company remains independent and is therefore able to focus all of its attention on satisfying its customers’ needs.

A protection current transformers supplier with a modern facility

A major reason for SADTEM’s success is its total control of manufacturing processes. Protection current transformers are precision instruments that must reliably operate in demanding circumstances for extended periods of time. As an experienced protection current transformers supplier , SADTEM’s philosophy is to maintain a modern, in-house production facility, which makes extensive use of robotic and computer technology to ensure efficient production of the highest quality transformers. Another benefit of this approach is the ability to quickly incorporate a client’s requirements into the production schedule, dealing with custom designs of volume orders without difficulty.

A protection current transformers supplier of total quality

SADTEM’s approach to quality control is absolutely focused. The company ensures that extensive testing takes place throughout the production process, from the initial acceptance of raw materials into the facility to the final testing of finished products. As a protection current transformers supplier of total quality, the company’s own laboratories are equipped to carry out a wide range of international standards testing and wide-ranging research and development projects ensure the quality of future products. In such an environment, clients can be sure that SADTEM protection current transformers benefit from the most exacting production standards in the industry.