protection current transformer

protection current transformer

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Protection current transformer

The protection current transformer is used to reduce the currents in power systems, producing proportional currents in the unit’s secondary windings that remain isolated from the main circuit. The replica current is then used as an input to a protective relay, which can then automatically isolate part of the power circuit should it experience a fault. In doing so, the protection current transformer allows the unaffected areas of the circuit to continue in operation. These transformers form part of SADTEM’s comprehensive product offering, which includes Indoor and outdoor current and voltage transformers, along with bushing and combination model types.

An expert in protection current transformer systems

SADTEM is a seasoned and experienced producer of protection current transformer solutions. The company’s expertise has been formed over more than 80 years, since it was founded in 1929. Its reputation has grown as the company has continued to produce top quality instruments and provide the most informed customer service. This success has led to impressive growth and the company now operates a network of professional agents to supply customer in more than 80 countries worldwide. This international experience has resulted in SADTEM developing deep knowledge of worldwide transformer standards and this knowledge is incorporated into the company’s product designs.

Building a high quality protection current transformer

Each protection current transformer carries out a vital and demanding job and must operate accurately and reliably for long periods of time. To achieve this SADTEM’s philosophy is to maintain close control over the entire production process and it therefore operates its own manufacturing plant. SADTEM has invested significant sums in a modern facility that uses the latest computer and robotic technology to achieve the highest and most consistent standards of quality. Because the company can manage the entire manufacturing process, it can accommodate small and custom projects from clients in addition to large standard orders.

Internationally recognised systems for protection current transformer production

SADTEM holds ISO 9001 certification in recognition of its robust quality systems. The company is insistent on a comprehensive testing regime, which includes everything from raw materials to completed transformers. The company’s own laboratories are equipped to conduct many international standards tests and every protection current transformer that SADTEM produces is the result of the company’s significant investment in research and development. It is this dedication to quality that is behind the company’s impressive track record.