protection current transformer supplier

protection current transformer supplier

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Protection current transformer supplier

A protection current transformer is an important component in any efforts to maintain a consistent and robust electricity supply. This type of transformer is designed to create a proportional current in the secondary winding, with this current then isolated from the main circuit. This new current is then used as an input to a protective relay, which can then isolate a portion of the main circuit in the event of a failure. This design then allows the unaffected parts of the major circuit to continue without interruption. SADTEM is a leading protection current transformer supplier, offering a wide range of products, which includes voltage and current transformers designed to both indoor and outdoor applications.

A leader protection current transformer supplier

SADTEM is a leader in the transformer industry and a renowned protection current transformer supplier. This independent company was founded in 1929 and is based in the northern French town of Douai. The company has enjoyed more than eight decades of continued success, with customers responding positively to the firm’s dedication to producing quality instruments. This reputation has been the driving force behind impressive growth and the company has recruited a network of international agents to help it supply customers in more than 80 different countries. This has in turn allowed the company to deepen its expertise in producing a protection current transformer range for use in many different situations.

A protection current transformer supplier with in-house production

As a leading protection current transformer supplier, SADTEM produces is made in its own on-site manufacturing facility. The company believes that maintaining complete control of over all aspects of production is vital in ensuring the highest standards of build quality in all of its products. To this end, it has invested substantial sums in creating a modern facility with the latest robotic and computerised technologies, which are essential in delivering the consistent quality that the company demands. The in-house facility also allows the company to respond quickly to customer needs, producing both large volume orders and small custom projects with equal ease.

A protection current transformer supplier of total quality

SADTEM’s dedication to a total quality approach to production has been recognised by ISO 9001 certification. The company utilises its own laboratory to carry out extensive testing throughout the production process, along with a wide range of international standards testing. To maintain its position as a high-quality protection current transformer supplier, the company ensures that each instrument it produces now and in the future also benefits from the knowledge gained by the company’s extensive research and development activities.