potential transformer

potential transformer

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Potential transformer

SADTEM’s potential transformer range, also known as voltage transformers, is divided into indoor and outdoor ranges. The indoor transformers again are divided into four families, that of the compact range, the integrated fuse range, plug-in type for connection via insulated cable and auxiliary power VT and discharge reactor. The compact range is further divided into three families, that of 24kV, 36kV and a separate DIN range for use with specific dimensional requirements. The 24kV and 36kV transformers are offered with a choice of one or two HV poles and the DIN range is supplied as 24kV. The outdoor potential transformer range is manufactured according to one of two different processes, namely the metallised resin with isolator in cycloaliphatic resin technique or totally moulded cycloaliphatic resin process. These transformers then come in a choice of metallised VTs with connection plug for insulated cable or VTs specifically designed for use on the roof of electric trains.

The use of the potential transformer

The potential transformer is a parallel connected version of instrument transformer. It is often used for metering and protection in situations with high voltage circuits and also those with phasor phase shift isolation. They are specifically designed to present only a negligible load to the test supply being metered and therefore have an accurate voltage ratio which allows for the most accurate measurement.

The quality of the SADTEM potential transformer

It is important to know something of the quality that is responsible for the manufacture of each SADTEM potential transformer. The company’s quality control system has been certified to ISO 9001 standard and, in addition, the internal quality assurance procedures have designed numerous controls throughout the manufacturing process to totally eliminate the chance of any component having a fault and any process delaying manufacture. The company’s laboratories are able to perform all standard tests to adhere to international standards, such as frequency withstand tests, ageing tests and impulse voltage tests.

The company behind the potential transformer

SADTEM has being making components since 1929. It is based in Douai, in northern France and remains an independent, private company. For many years it has specialised in the production of high quality protection and metering transformers for medium voltage applications in both outdoor and indoor situations. SADTEM is today known internationally for the quality of its products and depth of expertise and provides a tailored and individual service for its customers.