outdoor voltage transformers

outdoor voltage transformers

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Outdoor voltage transformers

SADTEM has been focused on the production of medium voltage instrument transformers for more than 80 years. Outdoor voltage transformers are a central part of the company’s range and are manufactured according to two different processes. The first of these results in a VT that is totally moulded in cycloaliphatic resin, while the second involves a metallised construction with the isolator in cycloaliphatic resin. Such VTs are available with either one or two insulated poles. The comprehensive range continues with special VTs for use on train roofs. These units conform to the appropriate railway standards and have passed all necessary tests. The range concludes with a metallised VT with plug for connection via an insulated cable.

Your natural choice for outdoor voltage transformers

Over the years, SADTEM has developed extensive knowledge of the processes and practices behind the production of the highest quality outdoor voltage transformers. The company is expert in casting processes and has a deep understanding of their uses. This knowledge in turn allows SADTEM to develop the best solution for any application. The quality of our transformers is renowned, as is the quality of our technical expertise and advice. These factors have been key in the success and growth of the business, which now sees the company serving customers in more than 80 different countries worldwide.

Ensuring quality in the production of outdoor voltage transformers

The proper use of outdoor voltage transformers depends on their accuracy and dependability over their entire operational lifetime. This in turn demands that the manufacturing processes by precise. The quality system at SADTEM has been certified to ISO 9001 standard and the company goes to extreme lengths to guarantee quality. To this end, SADTEM has developed testing procedures at every stage of manufacture, from ensuring the quality of raw materials to extensively testing the final product. More generally, the company devotes significant resources to research and development and maintains in-house laboratories to carry out all necessary international standards testing.

Choosing a partner for outdoor voltage transformers

When you select a partner to supply your outdoor voltage transformers, the quality of construction and expertise of the company is, of course, absolutely vital. So, too, however, is that company’s ability to respond to your needs. SADTEM maintains the entire production, testing and research processes in-house and thus retains complete control of production. This allows the company to respond quickly to customer requirements. With a modern production facility boasting computer controlled and robotic plant, SADTEM is capable of producing both volume orders and small, custom production runs.