outdoor voltage transformer

outdoor voltage transformer

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Outdoor voltage transformer

At SADTEM, the outdoor voltage transformer is manufactured by one of two different processes. The first of these involves a metallised resin construction with an isolator in cycloaliphatic resin, while the second method comprises a unit moulded completely in cycloaliphatic resin. These units are available with either one or two insulated poles. The SADTEM range of outdoor VTs also includes a metallised version with a built-in plug for the connection of an insulated cable and also VTs specifically designed for use on the roofs of locomotives. These train models have passed all tests for use on locomotives and conform to all railways standards.

A leading company for outdoor voltage transformer production

SADTEM has been in business for more than 80 years. Founded in 1929, the independent company is headquartered in Douai, in the Nord department of northern France. The company is focused on the production of medium voltage instrument transformers and the outdoor voltage transformer is a key product in the range. SADTEM is proud of its reputation in the marketplace and protects the company’s status by retaining complete control over all areas of the business. Production of all transformers is carried out in-house, with SADTEM’s laboratories carrying out all testing and extensive research and development activities.

SADTEM knowledge of voltage transformer manufacture

With 80 years in the industry, SADTEM has developed unrivalled knowledge of the casting processes involved in the making of all types of transformers. The company is expert in the uses appropriate to each type of casting and this expertise informs our in-house production and guarantees the best solution for clients. The company’s production facilities include computerised machines and robots to create precision components in the most efficient manner. Because all processes are controlled in-house, the company can be extremely responsive to customer requirements, producing large volume orders but also delivering smaller custom projects.

Stringent quality for outdoor voltage transformer production

To maintain proper function, every outdoor voltage transformer must be manufactured to the most exacting standards. SADTEM’s quality system has been certified to ISO 9001 standard to ensure that the company delivers this quality with every transformer. The company has introduced extensive testing at each stage of the production process, from the initial acceptance of raw materials to the testing of finished products. The company’s in-house laboratories are also on-hand to carry out all necessary international standard tests.