Outdoor Instrument Transformers

Outdoor Instrument Transformers

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Outdoor Instrument Transformers

SADTEM produces a wide range of both indoor and outdoor instrument transformers. The outdoor range includes both outdoor voltage transformers (VTs) and outdoor current transformers (CTs). The outdoor CT range offers models from 24, 36 and 52kV rating, with every instrument manufactured in a single piece of epoxy resin. This is used to minimise the unit’s size, weight and vibration characteristics. These units do not require maintenance. The outdoor VT range is cast in either cycloaliphatic resin or a metallised resin with the isolator cast in cycloaliphatic resin. The outdoor instrument transformer family also includes metallised VTs featuring a plug for insulated cable and a model designed for use with electrified locomotives.

A natural partner for outdoor instrument transformers

SADTEM is an independent company that was formed in 1929 in the town of Douai in the north of France. It has become known as a leading producer of indoor and outdoor instrument transformers after more than 80 years in the industry. During this time it has expanded both its product line and its marketing reach and this success and growth has resulted in SADTEM transformers being supplied in more than 80 different countries. This international experience means that the company is fully versed in the specific demands of many international environments.

SADTEM’s approach to the production of outdoor instrument transformers

Outdoor instrument transformers are precision components that need to operate for extended periods in sometimes harsh environments. This requires a robust and accurate manufacturing capability. SADTEM believes that the best way to achieve this is to retain an in-house approach to production. This allows SADTEM to control every aspect of production, guaranteeing the quality of its products. This production facility uses modern computer and robotic techniques to achieve the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. Being relieved of heavy tasks, SADTEM technicians can then concentrate their efforts on work that directly contributes to the satisfaction of the company’s customers.

The importance of quality in outdoor instrument transformers

Because SADTEM has retained total control of its production systems, it has been able to achieve and retain ISO 9001 certification. This is a mark of the company’s dedication to quality, a philosophy that can also be seen in SADTEM’s insistence on extensive testing of both raw materials and its outdoor instrument transformers at every stage in their production. The company also maintains its own laboratories to carry out international standards testing and also dedicates significant resources to research and development.