metering transformers

metering transformers

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Metering transformers

Metering transformers form the core of SADTEM’s business. The company has been specialising in metering and protection transformers since it was founded in 1929. Metering transformers are used in situations where the current is too high for the metering equipment and could damage the instruments. The transformer is able to reduce that current in a proportional way and isolate the instruments from that high current. In doing so it allows for the accurate measuring of the circuit but still allows the instruments themselves to operate safely. To allow for accurate measurement, the transformer itself must be built to a demanding and accurate specification, which is where SADTEM’s expertise becomes invaluable.

The firm behind SADTEM metering transformers

SADTEM is based in Douai in the Nord department of northern France. The company was founded in 1929 and remains an independent firm. It has an enviable level of experience and expertise and still produces its metering transformers and other components in-house in its modern manufacturing facility. Over the years the company has become renowned for the quality of its transformer range and now serves customers in more than 80 different countries by supplying its range of indoor and outdoor metering and protection transformers. At the heart of this success is unmatched technical knowledge, obsession with quality manufacturing and dedication to customer service.

The vital role of quality in the production of SADTEM metering transformers

Accuracy is an absolute necessity in the production of high quality metering transformers and this means that SADTEM’s quality procedures must also be of the highest standard. The company’s robust quality system bears the ISO 9001 certificate and it has been developed further to remove any opportunity for component faults. Products and processes are tested at every step in the process, right back to the quality of individual raw materials. SADTEM’s laboratories are also completely capable of performing many standard international tests, such as temperature rise tests, frequency withstand test and impulse voltage tests. In this way the company ensures that the quality of SADTEM transformers is second to none.

A flexible supplier of metering transformers

In addition to offering the highest quality standards, SADTEM knows how important it is to be able to respond quickly to customer demands. That is why the company has developed a flexible and state of the art computer controlled production facility in-house. This allows SADTEM to be in total control of production schedules and specific customer requirements. In doing so it can produce metering transformers in the thousands, while also producing small batches of highly tailored units specific to a customer’s needs. Robotic and computerised machines take care of the heavy tasks, such as casting and winding, leaving SADTEM staff free to focus their expertise on producing the best transformers possible for each application.