medium voltage current transformer

medium voltage current transformer

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Medium voltage current transformer

SADTEM has a medium voltage current transformer for almost every application. The company’s range includes indoor compact CTs in the 24kV and 36kV ranges and also a DIN range. The firm also offers a window type transformer rated up to 6000A with types from 17.7kV to 24kV and a plug-in terminal type for insulated cable connection. SADTEM’s outdoor current transformer range includes 24kV, 36kV and 52kV models cast in epoxy resin to minimise size, weight and vibrations. All outdoor CTs are supplied maintenance free. This extensive range of medium voltage CTs allows the company to supply clients in a whole host of industries across a wide range of applications.

SADTEM expertise in medium voltage current transformer production

SADTEM was founded in 1929 and in more than 80 years in business has been able to build up an enviable level of expertise in the production of medium voltage current transformer technologies. That expertise is reflected in an excellent reputation for the quality of its products and the technical knowledge of its staff and these factors have been instrumental in the success and growth of the company. Such success has seen the company expand its marketing reach and it now supplies customers in 80 different countries and exports some 75% of its entire production volume. With its growing international business, the company has become expert in specific environments and how they affect transformer operation.

Keeping control of medium voltage current transformer production

Every medium voltage current transformer that SADTEM produces must adhere to the highest possible standards. These are precision instruments that must work accurately in demanding conditions. To ensure the highest standards are maintained, SADTEM has kept every aspect of its production in-house. The company’s production facility is state of the art, utilising computer and robot technologies to achieve the greatest efficiency and accuracy in production. This also contributes to the increasing knowledge within the company, which in turn feeds back into an ever-improving process.

Quality and medium voltage current transformer production

Having total control over the production process has been instrumental in the company achieving ISO 9001 recognition for its processes. SADTEM supplements these efforts by carrying out additional testing throughout the production process. The company also operates its own in-house labs, where it can carry out tests to international standards. Each SADTEM medium voltage current transformer is also the product of a company which invests significant sums in research and development activities.