Measuring current transformers

Measuring current transformers

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Measuring current transformers

Measuring current transformers perform an important task in the electrical metering industry. These units reduce the current in a circuit to the point that it can be safely measured by a metering device. As a leading supplier of medium voltage instrument transformers, SADTEM has an extensive range of current transformers. This includes an outdoor range including 24, 36 and 52kV models, each moulded in one piece of epoxy resin. This technique minimises vibration and reduces the size and weight of the units. The outdoor range is totally maintenance-free. The indoor current transformer range includes a compact range, a window type and also a plug-in terminal model.

A centre of excellence for measuring current transformers

SADTEM is an independent company with more than 80 years of industry experience. Founded in 1929, the firm is based in the French town of Douai in the Nord department. SADTEM is focused on producing the highest quality transformers and this dedication has resulted in a growing reputation as leading producer of measuring current transformers. The company’s success has seen it expand its operations and it now uses a network of international agents to serve customers in more than 80 different countries. Knowledge gained in these disparate markets is then used to inform the continued development of SADTEM’s product line.

A controlled approach to measuring current transformers

SADTEM knows that to produce the most accurate and robust measuring current transformers means ensuring total control over production. This is why the company maintains its own production facility at the company’s Douai plant. This facility has been fully modernised and features computerised controls and robotic machines to maximise both quality and efficiency. Because SADTEM controls the entire production process, it can easily adapt its systems to produce large volume orders and also smaller customised requirements. In doing so it ensures that the company’s technical knowledge continues to grow and is kept completely up to date.

Ensuring the quality of measuring current transformers

SADTEM’s philosophy of manufacturing its products in-house means that it is possible to create a comprehensive quality system. This is demonstrated by the company’s ISO 9001 certification. SADTEM’s dedication to quality is also apparent in the extensive testing that takes place throughout the production processes, from initial materials to completed products. The company also has its own laboratories on-site, which are equipped to carry out a wide range of international standards tests. SADTEM measuring current transformers also benefit from the company’s extensive research and development department.