Measuring current transformer

Measuring current transformer

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Measuring current transformer

A measuring current transformer is used to reduce currents in a circuit to a level that can safely be measured by a metering device. SADTEM has a wide range of current transformers, including both outdoor and indoor models. The indoor family includes a compact range, with 24kV, 36kV and a DIN range, along with a plug-in terminal model and a window type. The outdoor family includes 24kV, 36kV and 52kV models, all produced in a single piece of epoxy resin. This design is used to minimise the size and weight of the units and also to minimise vibrations. All SADTEM outdoor transformers are designed to operate without the need for maintenance.

Building a measuring current transformer

SADTEM has an enviable reputation in the marketplace for producing the highest quality products. The company understands the care that must go into the manufacture of each instrument and has therefore developed an impressive in-house production facility. This facility boasts computerised control systems and robotic technologies designed to remove the burden of the heaviest work from SADTEM technicians and improve the build quality of each measuring current transformer to the highest possible standard. Choosing to keep production on-site also means that SADTEM can easily respond to customers’ requirements and accommodate both large volume orders and also work with custom designs.

Your partner for measuring current transformer solutions

SADTEM is an ideal partner for all of your measuring current transformer requirements. The company is based in Douai in northern France and has more than 80 years of experience in the industry, having been formed in 1929. During this time its dedication to producing the highest quality products and providing the best possible customer service has seen the firm build an excellent reputation. This has allowed the company to steadily grow to the point that it now supplies customers in more than 80 different countries. In doing so it has developed a deep understanding of the environments and standards in place in many markets.

Quality in measuring current transformer production

A robust quality system is vital in ensuring consistent excellence in measuring current transformer production. SADTEM’s systems have been certified to ISO 9001 standard but this is only the beginning of the company’ approach to quality. SADTEM ensures consistent quality by testing both raw materials and products at every stage in the manufacturing process. It also uses its own laboratory to carry out a wide range of international standards testing and commits significant efforts to research and development.