manufacturer of transformer

manufacturer of transformer

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Manufacturer of transformer

As a manufacturer of transformer solutions, SADTEM has developed a full range of medium voltage instrument transformers. These include bush type transformers, current transformers for indoor and outdoor use, indoor and outdoor voltage transformers and combine transformers. The company remains an independent firm and having been founded in 1929 it has built up a reputation for excellence over 80 years in business. SADTEM is bases in Douai, in northern France, but the success of the firm has led to its transformers being supplied to clients in more than 80 countries worldwide. As a consequence, some 75% of the company’s transformers are now exported.

A leading manufacturer of transformer solutions

The company has developed the systems and procedures that you would expect of a leading manufacturer of transformer solutions. The production facility is fully modernised, with computer control and robotic plant to maximise accuracy and efficiency of manufacture. This in turn frees staff to complete less strenuous and more rewarding tasks. SADTEM’s expertise extends to a full understanding of the casting process and how each approach is suited to specific applications. This knowledge is used to advise clients across a wide range of industries, including electric rail and locomotives, industrial and electrical engineering, electricity supply metering and electrical utilities. The company has also gained experience of a wide variety of international environmental conditions.

A quality manufacturer of transformer instruments

To maintain its position as a market-leading manufacturer of transformer technologies, SADTEM ensures that its quality systems are compliant with ISO 9001 standards. The company then goes further, conducting exacting tests at each step of the process, all the way through from acceptance of materials into the facility to testing of finished products. The company also has an in-house laboratory equipped to conduct all manner of international standards tests. SADTEM also invests heavily in research and development to ensure that its clients always benefit from the most up to date technologies available.

A responsive manufacturer of transformer instruments

SADTEM knows that the quality of its transformers and the expertise of its staff is unsurpassed. But it also knows that it must respond to changing customer demands. Because SADTEM is an in-house manufacturer of transformer technologies, it maintains complete control of production schedules, techniques and quality. This means it can comfortably accommodate demands for extended production runs but it also means that the company can bring all its expertise to bear in the production of specialised and custom transformers.