instrument transformers

instrument transformers

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Instrument transformers

Instrument transformers perform the key task of reducing the current or voltage levels in transmission and distribution circuits. These lower levels can then be used by lower voltage metering devices. Such transformers are used extensively in metering, protection control and protective relaying applications. SADTEM produces a full range of medium voltage instrument transformers. These include current and voltage transformers for both indoor and outdoor use, combination transformers and bushing type transformers. The company’s comprehensive range of transformers enables it to supply its products in a host of industries, such as electric railways, metering and industry.

An enviable pedigree in instrument transformers production

SADTEM has more than 80 years of industry experience, having been founded in 1929. The company is still an independent firm, able to concentrate its efforts on the production of the highest quality instrument transformers. Based in the town of Douai in northern France, the company’s reputation for producing high quality products and delivering excellent customer service has allowed it to succeed and grow. This growth is reflected in its international operations and the firm now works with clients in 80 different countries, exporting around 75% of its products. This in turn has seen the company develop an deep knowledge of the specific working environments in many different international markets.

Maintaining an in-house facility for production of instrument transformers

Instrument transformers are precision instruments and require the highest standards of manufacture in order to operate accurately for extended periods of time. Achieving these sort of standards requires complete control over every aspect of the production process and SADTEM has therefore ensure that its production capability remains entirely in-house. SADTEM’s production systems also benefit from the latest technologies, such as robotic machines and computer controlled systems. This maximises accuracy and consistency in manufacture and allows staff to become more involved in increasingly complex and technical tasks.

Quality control systems for instrument transformers

A benefit of maintaining that in-house manufacturing ability is the ability to guarantee quality throughout all processes. This has allowed the company to gain the ISO 9001 quality certification. SADTEM also tests materials and components at every step of the process, from the acceptance of materials to the accuracy of finished products. SADTEM’s own laboratories are on-site and able to carry out a host of international standards tests. All SADTEM instrument transformers also benefit from the company’s extensive investment in research and development.