instrument transformer

instrument transformer

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Instrument transformer

The instrument transformer is used to transform current or voltage from high values in a distribution and transmission to low values, which can then be utilised by low or medium voltage metering devices. Such transformers are used for three main applications: metering, load survey and protection control. SADTEM specialises in medium voltage instrument transformers and supplies a full range of equipment. This includes current transformers for outdoor and indoor use, indoor and outdoor voltage transformers, combine transformers and bushing type transformers. The wide range of instruments on offer allows the company to serve clients in a broad range of industries and across many applications.

A leading company for instrument transformer production

SADTEM was founded in 1929 and is still an independent company based in Douai in the Nord department of France. Over 80 years of producing the highest quality in its instrument transformer range, it has become recognised as a leader in the industry. This reputation has been vital in the company’s success and is a core factor in SADTEM’s continued expansion. The company now supplies customers in more than 80 different countries and exports 75% of its products. The experienced gained with such international clients has allowed the company to develop a deep understanding of international operating conditions, which in turn informs the production.

The manufacture of SADTEM’s instrument transformer range

SADTEM understands that each instrument transformer must be capable of the most accurate performance. To achieve this, the company has ensured that its entire production facility remains in-house. This has allowed the company to build its internal knowledge base and develop leading expertise in areas such as the casting process and the applications best suited to each approach. The company has invested significantly in new technology to ensure the most accurate and efficient manufacture and the facility now boasts the latest computerised and robotic technologies. SADTEM staff are then relieved of repetitive and heavy tasks and are able to build their skills in more technical areas.

Quality and instrument transformer manufacture

To demonstrate its commitment to the highest standards of quality, SADTEM has ensured that its systems have been awarded ISO 9001 certification. The company also insists upon stringent testing all through the manufacturing process, from examining raw materials to testing finished products. The company also boasts its own laboratories, which are equipped to carry out international standards tests and invests heavily in research and development.