industrials metering instrument transformers

industrials metering instrument transformers

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Industrial metering instrument transformers

Industrial metering instrument transformers are vital in the electrical industry. They allow current or voltage to be reduced from the distribution and transmission system to a lower level that can then be safely used by metering components to accurately metre levels. SADTEM’s product range extends to voltage and current transformers to be used in such applications and the company also provides a choice of outdoor or indoor models. SADTEM’s range of industrial metering instrument transformers also includes combination and bushing transformers. SADTEM’s extensive product portfolio means that the company is able to meet the demands of clients with a wide variety of application requirements.

Choosing a company with a pedigree in industrial metering instrument transformers

Since 1929, SADTEM has been developing its expertise in industrial metering instrument transformers. From its base in Douai in the far north of France it has worked hard to supply clients with quality transformers and has developed a well-deserved reputation as a leading light in the industry. This reputation for outstanding product quality and informed advice has led to the company’s impressive record of success and growth. These factors in turn have been instrumental in SADTEM’s growing international business, which has seen the company supply transformers to clients in 80 countries and export some 75% of its total production.

Producing the best industrial metering instrument transformers

SADTEM’s long experience in the market has resulted in a deep understanding of the processes involved in manufacturing industrial metering instrument transformers of the highest quality. The company knows that maintaining complete control over every aspect of production is vital and has therefore insisted on keeping its production capability in-house. This facility has been constantly updated with the latest computer and robotic technology and is capable of producing transformers of the utmost accuracy and robust build. This control also allows SADTEM to respond to customer requirements and manufacture both volume units and custom-built transformers.

Building quality into industrial metering instrument transformers

The quality of SADTEM’s systems for production of industrial metering instrument transformers is recognised in the company’s ISO 9001 certification. The company goes to great lengths to maintain this quality and conducts testing all through the production process. The company’s own labs are capable of carrying out many international standards tests and the firm is dedicated to continued investment in research and development. In doing so it ensures all clients benefit from the latest technology developments.