industrial metering instrument transformer

industrial metering instrument transformer

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Industrial metering instrument transformer

The industrial metering instrument transformer is an important product in SADTEM’s overall transformer range. These transformers work by reducing either the voltage or current in transmission and distribution systems. Having achieved a lower level, this can then be safely used for metering purposes without any damage to the metering equipment. SADTEM produces both voltage and current transformers for such uses and also offers both indoor and outdoor models. Additionally, the company manufactures both bushing and combination type transformers. This extensive range of precision transformers has allowed the company to serve customers in all sorts of industries with a huge variety of application requirements. ²

The company behind your industrial metering instrument transformer

SADTEM was launched in 1929 and is able to bring more than 80 years of experience to bear in the production of each industrial metering instrument transformer. The company is based in Douai in northern France and has enjoyed a growing reputation for the quality of its products and the depth of its knowledge. These factors have been critical in achieving a record of growth and success that has seen the company expand into international markets, where it now supplies clients in more than 80 different countries. The company is therefore knowledgeable in a wide range of operating environments that impact on the performance of its transformers.

Producing each industrial metering instrument transformer in-house

In order to protect its reputation, SADTEM knows that it must continue to produce transformers of the highest quality. To do this, it believes that total control over the production of each industrial metering instrument transformer is absolutely vital. This is why the company has taken the strategic decision to maintain an in-house production facility. This modern manufacturing environment features the latest on robot and computer control to achieve the necessary levels of efficiency and accuracy. It is also instrumental in allowing the company to develop its in-house knowledge base and maintain its industry-leading expertise.

Achieving quality in industrial metering instrument transformer manufacture

SADTEM is keen to reassure customers as to the quality of its production processes and has therefore undergone certification to ISO 9001 standard. This is supplemented by the company’s extensive testing regime, which sees every aspect of industrial metering instrument transformer production being subjected to rigorous testing. The company boasts well equipped in-house labs which are capable of a wide range of international standards testing and invests significant resources in research and development.