high quality transformers

high quality transformers

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High quality transformers

SADTEM had been producing high quality transformers since 1929. With more than 80 years of experience, the company has become a leader in medium voltage instrument transformers across the world. SADTEM’s range is extensive and includes indoor and outdoor current transformers, indoor and outdoor voltage transformers, combine transformers and bushing transformers. From its headquarters at Douai, the company has grown to service clients in more than 80 countries worldwide and now exports around 75% of its production. SADTEM has become expert in all aspects of transformer casting processes and has developed a deep understanding of the best approaches for various applications. The entire production capability is maintained in-house, with robots and computers adding to a modern and efficient facility.

Your natural partner for high quality transformers

The manufacture of high quality transformers requires a manufacturing process of equal quality. That is why SADTEM’s quality procedures are accredited to ISO 9001 standard. The company also goes much further in its quest for perfection. Quality controls are in place at every stage in the process, from the checking of raw materials entering the production process all the way through to testing of the finished products. SADTEM also maintains its own in-house laboratory, capable of carrying out international standards tests. Such tests include frequency withstand, impulse voltage, temperature rise and climatic tests to a temperature of -50 degrees centigrade.

Our clients for high quality transformers

SADTEM’s reputation in providing high quality transformers has led to it being the chosen partner to supply clients across a host of demanding applications. Such clients include major companies in electrical utilities, large industrial concerns with major energy requirements, electric railway and train manufacturers, electrical and industrial engineering companies and those involved in the manufacture of electrical engines and the production of metering equipment. Such customers trust SADTEM because of the proven track record of the company’s products, the expertise of its staff and its dedication to research and development, which ensure that SADTEM and its customers remain at the forefront of the industry.

Responding to specific requirements for high quality transformers

With a modern production facility, 80 years of experience and a reputation for making outstanding high quality transformers, SADTEM is well positioned to serve its international client base. The company knows, however, that this is not enough and to maintain its position it prides itself on being responsive to demand, utilising its in-house production facilities to create custom orders for its clients.