high quality transformer

high quality transformer

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High quality transformer

SADTEM knows that to produce a high quality transformer you need a combination of experience, quality systems and expertise. From its base in Douai, northern France, SADTEM has been developing these qualities since 1929. The company is a recognised leader in the production of a whole range of transformers, with a family including indoor and outdoor current transformers, indoor and outdoor voltage transformers, bushing-type transformers and combine transformers. The company has become expert in the casting process, understanding perfectly the role of each type in every application. The company dedicates a major investment to its research and development efforts, ensuring that SADTEM and its customers always benefit from the latest technologies.

The role of quality in building a high quality transformer

A high quality transformer is a precision instrument and requires precise conditions of manufacture. As a measure of the systems in place at SADTEM, the company’s quality systems have been certified to ISO 9001 level. For SADTEM, however, this is only the beginning of a dedication to maintaining the highest possible quality standards. This approach begins even before manufacture commences, with the inspection of the raw materials entering the factory. Testing and checks continue at every stage, all the way through to final product testing before shipping. SADTEM’s own in-house laboratory can also conduct many of the tests required by international standards.

An international answer to the need for a high quality transformer

Over the years, SADTEM’s growing reputation has seen the company expand its operations and expand its marketing reach. The company now supplies clients in 80 different countries, exporting more than 75% of its total production. Every high quality transformer made by the company is produced totally in-house, where a modern facility boasts robotic machines and computer controls, to carry out heavy and repetitive tasks and maintain unequalled quality, allowing the staff to concentrate on serving the customer. Such customers include companies working in electrical and industrial engineering, electric railways and trains, electrical utilities and firms involved in revenue metering of electricity.

Producing a high quality transformer to custom specification

SADTEM insists on controlling all aspects of production in-house. This, it believes, is vital in order to produce a high quality transformer for the most demanding applications. This in-house control also means that the company can respond to a wide range of customer requirements, easily accommodating bulk orders but at the same time able to produce custom units. In being responsive the company remains close to its clients’ business needs.