current voltage transformers

current voltage transformers

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Current voltage transformers

SADTEM’s range of current voltage transformers includes models manufactured according to two different processes. These transformers, also referred to as combination transformers, can be manufactured as single phase units in moulded cycloaliphatic resin or in metallised three or single phase structure type. Many clients find that combine transformers are particularly useful when space is limited because the single casted body is more space efficient than separate units. The combine transformer can also be economical, saving money on fixings and being quicker to install. Applications for current voltage transformers are determined by its small size and many are used in revenue metering.

A proud pedigree in current voltage transformers

SADTEM is an independent company that was founded in 1929. Eight decades of industry experience has seen the company grow its expertise and also expand its reach. A growing reputation has been a key factor in the company’s success and growth as it has expanded to offer its current voltage transformers to clients in more than 80 different countries. From its Douai base in northern France SADTEM utilises a network of hand-picked agents to serve these customers and in this time the company has continued to develop a deeper understanding of the environment and standards in place in each of these territories. This knowledge informs the development of future products.

The manufacture of current voltage transformers

Current voltage transformers are precise pieces of equipment and require care in the production process to ensure accurate and trouble free operation for extended periods in often challenging outdoor environments. In SADTEM’s opinion this is best achieved by ensuring close control of every stage of the process. This is the reason behind SADTEM’s strategy in maintaining a modern production facility on-site at its Douai headquarters. The production line utilises robots and computer controls in order to ensure the accurate and efficient production of each transformer manufactured by the company. The control of production also enables SADTEM to respond rapidly to different customer needs, tackling both large scale orders and custom projects with equal ease.

Current voltage transformers of guaranteed quality

SADTEM invests heavily in research and development to ensure that its current voltage transformers always benefit from the latest technological developments. The company also has its own laboratories, equipped to carry out a number of international standards and other tests. The testing regime in place is extensive and includes testing at every stage of production, from acceptance of raw materials to finished products. This approach to quality is recognised in the company’s ISO 9001 certification.