current voltage transformer

current voltage transformer

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Current voltage transformer

A current voltage transformer is often also known as a combine transformer. This combine unit consists of a single current transformer and shingle voltage transformer casted into the same body. This approach is useful in situations where space is at a premium. It also saves on fixing components and saves time during installation. The current voltage transformer is often used for revenue metering applications due to the limitations posed by its size. Each SADTEM combine transformer is an outdoor unit and is able to be manufactured according to one of two processes. The first process offers a metallised 3-phase or single phase type and the second is a single phase cycloaliphatic moulded resin unit.

The company responsible for your current voltage transformer

SADTEM is a company with a long and proud history in the industry. The independent firm was founded in 1929 and throughout more than 80 years in business it has developed an excellent reputation for product quality and customer service. The company has built on this success and from its base in Douai, northern France, it has expanded into a leading international supplier, with clients in more than 80 countries. Through a network of carefully chosen agents, SADTEM supplies its current voltage transformer range along with both indoor and outdoor current and voltage transformers to a host of clients in a wide range of different industries.

The SADTEM approach to current voltage transformer production

SADTEM strives to ensure that each current voltage transformer is manufactured to the highest standards. To achieve this it insists on maintaining complete control of the entire process within its own production facility. The manufacturing process features the latest in robotic and computerised technology. This automation of heavy processes like winding and casting allows technicians to develop their skills in more complex areas and guarantees the highest standards in production.

Ensuring current voltage transformer quality

SADTEM’s exacting standards in current voltage transformer production have been rewarded worth the company’s ISO 9001 certification. This quality standard is a central part of an approach that sees the company carry out repeated testing throughout the production process. The company also maintains its own in-house laboratories, which are equipped to carry out a range of international standards testing. SADTEM is also committed to ensuring the quality of future products by investing heavily in research and development.