current transformers

current transformers

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Current transformers

SADTEM is experienced in the production of current transformers for a wide variety of applications. The range consists of both indoor and outdoor transformers. The indoor range includes compact, plug-in terminal and window type transformers. Window type transformers operate up to 6,000A in 17.5 to 24kV versions. The plug-in terminal type is suited for use with an insulated cable connection and the compact range is offered in 36kV or 24kV format. The compact range is suited for currents up to 3,000A and also includes a DIN range for certain dimensional requirements. The SADTEM range of outdoor current transformers comes in 24, 36 or 52kV models and each outdoor transformer is manufactured by casting in a single piece of epoxy resin in order to reduce vibration to a minimum. Outdoor transformers are designed to be as small and light as possible and the units are maintenance-free.

80 years of experience in the production of current transformers

SADTEM is no stranger to the manufacture of current transformers. The company was founded in 1929 and throughout that time has been focused on developing high-quality protection and metering transformers for medium voltage applications. Indoor and outdoor current transformers are core to the company’s product range and 80 years of experience goes into the manufacture of each component. This expertise has seen the company gain an enviable reputation for the quality of its products and that in turn has helped the company grow to offer its products in more than 80 countries across the globe.

A responsive company for current transformer requirements

SADTEM is determined to build on the technical knowledge that allows it to produce unequalled current transformers by providing clients with a company that is responsive and easy to do business with. To achieve this goal, it has maintained its production facility totally in-house. This capability has been significantly upgraded to reflect state of the art automation and computer technology, to allow the rapid production of high quality transformers. Just as importantly, it gives the company complete control over production schedules and allows it to respond to differing customer requirements, offering both large scale and small, tailored production capabilities.

The role of quality in production of current transformers

Current transformers need to be accurate and that requires a production process of the utmost dependability. The quality system at SADTEM is therefore certified to ISO 9001 standard and the company goes further to ensure processes are designed to eliminate the opportunity for error and failure. The company’s laboratories are also equipped to perform the standard international tests in-house.