current transformers manufacturers

current transformers manufacturers

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Current transformers manufacturers

Many customers require current transformers manufacturers with a wide portfolio of products and SADTEM has worked hard to offer the widest selection of high quality transformers. The product range is divided into outdoor and indoor current transformers, or CTs. The indoor CT range includes a compact range with 24kV and 36kV models and also a DIN range. Other indoor CTs include a plug-in terminal type suitable for connection by insulated cable and a window type range with ratings from 17.5kW to 24kV and up to 6000A. The outdoor range includes 24kV, 36kV and 52kV models, each being cast in one piece of epoxy resin, because of its small size and weight and low vibration properties.

International current transformers manufacturers

SADTEM was founded in 1929 and has a long and proud history in the industry. The company specialises in medium voltage instrument transformers and in more than 80 years it has built a reputation that is second to none. This success has allowed the company to expand from its base in Douai, northern France and it now supplies clients in more than 80 countries via a network of carefully selected agents. The firm’s experience as international current transformers manufacturers has allowed it to develop a deep understanding of the standards of each market and thus better help those international clients.

Choosing your current transformers manufacturers

Selecting the best current transformers manufacturers for your requirements is an important task. SADTEM certainly has the experience and the expertise but it also has an approach that customers appreciate. The company knows that it must ensure the highest quality of its products and to do this it needs to retain absolute control over every aspect of production. This requires an in-house manufacturing capability and SADTEM has consistently invested in its own facility to ensure it remains at the forefront of technology. The production plant utilises computerised instruments and robotic controls to achieve the quality levels that SADTEM insists on, making the company the partner of choice for prestigious clients worldwide.

Ensured quality current transformers manufacturers

SADTEM’s in-house manufacturing systems are on reason why the company can guarantee the quality of its products and this is reflected in the firm’s ISO 9001 certification. The company also boasts fully equipped labs onsite and carries out extensive quality control and testing throughout the production process. SADTEM strives to maintain its market leading position as current transformers manufacturers by investing significant sums in research and development.