current transformer

current transformer

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Current transformer

SADTEM is expert in the production of the current transformer for a whole range of markets. The extensive and high quality range is divided into outdoor and indoor transformers. The indoor range is divided into compact, window type and plug-in terminal type transformers. The compact range is suitable for currents under 3,000A and is offered in either 24 or 36kV configuration, while the DIN option is offered for specific dimensional needs. The window type has ratings up to 6000A and is supplied in 17.5 to 24kV configuration. The plug-in terminal type is for use with an insulated cable connection. SADTEM’s outdoor current transformer range is offered in 24kV, 36kV and 52kV configuration. Each unit is cast in a single epoxy resin piece to minimise vibration and offer a small footprint. Each outdoor unit is maintenance-free.

SADTEM experience in current transformer production

SADTEM has been in business since 1929 and has been specialising in the production of indoor and outdoor medium voltage metering and protection transformers for more than 80 years. As such, the current transformer is a central part of the company’s business and that expertise can be seen in the quality of each piece. SADTEM has a worldwide reputation for its technical knowledge, unwavering dedication to quality and first-class customer service. These attributes have been key in the company’s success as it has expanded to offer its products in more than 80 countries.

The importance of quality in current transformer production

Each current transformer must be designed and manufactured to exacting standards in order to offer the most accurate performance. This means having in place the most rigorous production standards. To achieve this, SADTEM’s quality system has been certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality standard. There are numerous controls at every stage in the process to eliminate the possibility of any component fault or failure. The SADTEM laboratories are also equipped to carry out a full range of international standard tests.

A responsive company for current transformer requirements

There is no doubting SADTEM’s quality, experience or expertise but this innovative company knows that it must go further still to satisfy its international customer base. That is why it prides itself on being able to respond swiftly to customer demands. By keeping its modern and computerised production facility in-house, SADTEM is able to maintain complete control over production cycles and produce both large quantity orders and also cater for smaller and more specialised requirements.