current transformer manufacturers

current transformer manufacturers

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Current transformer manufacturers

SADTEM are current transformer manufacturers with an international reputation. The company’s range of current transformers (CTs) is divided into indoor and outdoor models. The indoor CT range includes a compact range with 24kV and 36kV models and also a DIN range. SADTEM also produces window type transformers with ratings up to 6000A and types ranging from 17.5kV to 24kV. The indoor range concludes with a plug-in terminal CT for use with insulated cables. The outdoor CT range includes 24kV, 36kV and 52kV models. Each unit is cast in a single piece of epoxy resin in order to reduce vibration and minimise size and weight. The outdoor CTs do not require maintenance.

SADTEM as leading current transformer manufacturers

SADTEM is an independent firm that was founded in 1929. With more than 80 years of experience, the company has enjoyed much success and has been able to steadily expand its business. This has resulted in the company becoming an international player, supplying customers in more than 80 countries via a hand-picked network of professional agents. The company is pleased to supply clients in a wide range of business sectors, from electrical utilities to electric railways, electrical and industrial engineers and manufacturers of electrical engines and metering equipment. This international and multi-industry experience constantly enhances SADTEM’s position as leading current transformer manufacturers.

Dedicated in-house current transformer manufacturers

SADTEM’s experience as seasoned current transformer manufacturers has informed the company’s approach to production. These precision components require guaranteed accuracy in production and SADTEM knows that this can only be achieved if the company has complete control over every aspect of manufacture. To do this requires an in-house facility and this strategy has therefore been adopted by SADTEM. The production facility features both robotic machinery and computer control, resulting in a process that is highly efficient and also accurate. This approach is a key reason behind the quality of SADTEM transformers. In-house production also provides constantly updated experience which in turn informs the development of future products.

Responsive current transformer manufacturers

By keeping the manufacture of its products in-house, SADTEM can quickly respond to changing client needs. The company can easily fulfil any large volume orders but it is also able to tailor its processes to produce one-off or custom orders manufactured to a client’s exact specifications. This ability has been key in SADTEM’s deserved reputation for excellent customer service.