current and voltage transformer

current and voltage transformer

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Current and voltage transformer

SADTEM offers its customers a current and voltage transformer range to suit a host of applications. The company specialises in medium voltage transformers and supplies both indoor and outdoor voltage and current transformers, combine transformers and bushing type transformers. This comprehensive product range has been developed to serve customers in a wide range of industries. SADTEM transformers can therefore be found in a variety of situations in industrial and electrical engineering, electrical utilities, manufacturers of electrical engines, rail electrification and major companies that require large energy inputs. These customers know that, whatever their transformer needs, SADTEM will deliver the quality they need.

A pedigree in current and voltage transformer production

SADTEM has an incredible history in current and voltage transformer production. The company was founded in 1929 and over 85 years has developed an unrivalled depth of knowledge in transformer manufacture. The company has grown along with its reputation and this continued success and expansion has seen the firm become an internationally renowned supplier of transformers, serving customers in 80 countries from its base in Douai, northern France. This international experience has both broadened and deepened SADTEM’s knowledge and the company uses its knowledge of the environment of each market to assist clients in those countries.

The SADTEM approach to current and voltage transformer manufacture

Every current and voltage transformer manufactured by SADTEM is produced to exacting standards. These are high quality and precision instruments and require the utmost care in construction. SADTEM believes that the only way to guarantee this level of quality is to take complete control of production and maintain an in-house facility. SADTEM’s manufacturing plant is modern and makes use of the latest techniques in robotic assembly and computerised control. Adopting an in-house manufacturing strategy allows the company to continuously build its knowledge and expertise. It also allows the company to respond to customers’ specific needs and offer bespoke production in additional to fulfilling volume orders.

Ensuring the quality of current and voltage transformer solutions

Quality standards are an important measure of a company’s abilities and SADTEM are proud to be certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard. This is just the starting point for a dedication to quality at SADTEM that goes much further. Every current and voltage transformer produced by the company is subjected to rigorous testing at each stage of production. The company also has fully equipped laboratories to carry out extensive international standards testing. The future quality of SADTEM transformers is also secured by the company’s commitment to research and development.