combined transformers

combined transformers

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Combined transformers

Combined transformers can be an extremely useful option in environments where available space is at a premium. This type of transformer is actually two transformers in one, with a voltage transformer and a current transformer cast in a single body. The use of such transformers can also save time in installation and save money in fixing hardware. SADTEM offers two types of combined transformers. The first type is a single phase model in moulded cycloaliphatic resin. The second option is a metallised structure type in single or three phases. All SADTEM transformers of this type are outdoor models. The use of these transformers is limited by their size and they are usually deployed in revenue metering situations.

A leader in combined transformers

SADTEM’s reputation as a leading supplier of combined transformers has been honed over more than 80 years in business. The company was formed in 1929 and is based in Douai in France’s Nord department. A dedication to quality products and outstanding customer service has contributed to continued success and this in turn has seen the company steadily expand. This growth has allowed the company to increase its international presence and it now supplies customers in more than 80 countries via a hand-picked network of professional agents. The knowledge gained in these activities is then used to better advise SADTEM’s international clients.

The highest standards in the production of combined transformers

SADTEM’s experience in the production of combined transformers has led the company to adopt and in-house approach to manufacturing. This strategy allows the company to maintain complete control over every aspect of production, thus ensuring the highest quality. This production facility boasts modern computer and robotic technologies to deliver the most efficient and accurate production standards. SADTEM’s in-house production systems also allow the company to respond effectively to customer requirements, producing volume orders and also working on one-off custom design projects.

A quality-led environment for combined transformers

The control that SADTEM is able to exert over its production capabilities is also important in maintaining effective quality control systems. This focus on quality has resulted in the company achieving ISO 9001 status. The company also enjoys its own laboratory facilities and these are equipped to carry out a number of tests to international standards. Future SADTEM combined transformers are constantly being redesigned according to knowledge gained in the company’s research and development activities, while today’s units benefit from testing throughout the production process.