combined transformer

combined transformer

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Combined transformer

The combined transformer is a useful unit that consists of a current transformer and a voltage transformer constructed in a single cast body. This approach is able to save a significant amount of space and is therefore a valuable option in situations where space is limited. This type of construction can also save money on fixings and save time in installation. SADTEM offers two types of combined transformer. The first type is a metallised single or three-phase structure type and the second is a single phase model moulded in cycloaliphatic resin. These transformers are limited in use due to their size and are often used in metering applications. All models are outdoor units.

A natural partner for combined transformer needs

SADTEM has considerable experience in combined transformer production. The company was founded in 1929 and over more than 80 years in business it has built up a fine pedigree in the industry. Customers have responded to SADTEM’s renowned expertise and the company has been able to build its business, expanding to service a growing client base in 80 different countries. This in turn has helped the company deepen its knowledge of the standards and environment in many different markets and such expertise is used to better advise the company’s international clients.

Ensuring production of a top quality combined transformer

SADTEM’s experience in the industry is undeniable but to produce a combined transformer of the best quality requires a significant investment in production capabilities. SADTEM has adopted a policy of in-house production and has created a modern manufacturing facility with computerised and robotic technology. This sophisticated operation allows the company to maintain total control of production and maintain the highest standards possible. This capability also gives the company total flexibility in transformer production. It can easily accommodate the largest volume orders but can also complete small custom-design projects.

Maintaining standards for combined transformer production

SADTEM’s dedication to high quality production is clear and this is recognised in the company’s ISO 9001 certification. Quality systems are a key focus at SADTEM and the company carries out extensive testing all through the production process, from ensuring the standards of raw materials to testing the functionality of the finished products. The company has invested in its own laboratories and these are equipped to carry out a wide range of international standards testing. SADTEM is also committed to ensuring the quality of its combined transformer range into the future and invests heavily in its research and development activities.