combine transformers

combine transformers

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Combine transformers

A combine transformer is a dual unit that includes both a voltage and a current transformer within a single casted body. This type of transformer is particularly useful as a space-saving design, in situations, such as in electrical substations, where space is at a premium. It can also simplify and save time on construction. Combine transformers can also be financially efficient, saving money on separate support or mounting structures. Because of size constraints, the use of this type of transformer is usually focused on metering applications. All SADTEM combine transformers are designed for outdoors use. Two manufacturing processes can be deployed; either a metallised three or single phase on structure approach or a cycloaliphatic resin moulded single phase construction.

The company that makes your combine transformers

Just as it is important to trust the quality of the technology, so it is vital to believe in the company behind your combine transformers. SADTEM is a well-established and seasoned firm, having been founded in 1929. Based in Douai in the north of France, the company specialises in the production of instrument transformers and manufactures all of its transformers in-house. The company is determined to retain its prominent position in the market and invests heavily in research and development to ensure that its products benefit from every new advancement. This approach has been vital in the company expanding its reach to serve customers in more than 80 different countries worldwide.

Quality control is central to producing SADTEM combine transformers

With components as complex as combine transformers, it is vital that the manufacturing process is completely accurate. SADTEM sets the standard by ensuring that its processes are certified to ISO 9001 and is dedicated to a zero fault environment. To achieve such exacting standards, the company has put in place a raft of checks to ensure that quality is maintained at every stage, all the way from raw materials to final production. The company also boasts well-equipped in-house laboratories, which can carry out the necessary international tests. In doing so, the quality of the products is assured and the reputation of the company protected.

Adapting to the needs of our customers for combine transformers

SADTEM is justly renowned for the quality and reliability of its products and also for its industry-leading technical knowledge. Customer service is also a core value. To serve its customers well, the company retains total control of the production process. Utilising the latest computer-controlled systems, SADTEM can produce combine transformers to bulk order but can also accommodate tailored requirements and individual designs.