combine transformer

combine transformer

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Combine transformer

The combine transformer consists of one current transformer and one voltage transformer manufactured into one casted body. It is renowned for its space saving qualities and also reduced time taken during construction. This is especially useful in situations where space is limited, such as in substations. They can also save money by eliminating the need for separate mounting and support structures. The unit’s uses are limited by size constraints and it is most often used for metering applications. The SADTEM range of combine transformers are all designed for outdoor use and are manufactured according to one of two different processes. The first of these is the metallised, three phase or single phase on structure design and the second is the single phase cycloaliphatic resin moulded type.

The company that makes your combine transformer

SADTEM is an independent company located in the town of Douai in the Nord department of France. The firm was founded in 1929 and has 80 years’ experience of producing medium voltage instrument and metering transformers. It produces all of its equipment in-house at its modern production facility. This experience and expertise has been recognised by the market and the company has expanded its operations and now supplies clients in 80 different countries across the world. The quality of each combine transformer is guaranteed by the company’s exacting production standards and dedication to research and development. Clients also appreciate an efficient and responsive attitude to customer service.

Quality assurance and the SADTEM combine transformer

The combine transformer is possibly more complex in design than either the voltage or current transformer and it is vital that the production facilities have the necessary precision to repeatedly produce robust and accurate units. SADTEM has ensured that its quality system adheres to ISO 9001 standards and has gone even further to ensure that every transformer is manufactured to the most exacting standards. Checks are carried out at every stage, ensuring that any possibility of fault or failure is eliminated. The company’s labs are also equipped to administer the standard international tests. In this way the customer can be assured of the quality of SADTEM transformers.

Flexibility in combine transformer production

In addition to the highest technical standards, the SADTEM combine transformer range benefits from a significant investment in research and development. This ensures that each component is always at the very forefront of industry standards. SADTEM also controls every aspect of production in-house, allowing the company to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs.