accurate transformers

accurate transformers

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Accurate transformers

SADTEM is proud of a history spanning more than 80 years in which it has become renowned for producing the most accurate transformers in the industry. Formed in 1929, the company is a renowned leader in medium voltage transformers. Based in Douai in northern France, SADTEM has developed over time the systems, experience and expertise to consistently produce the highest quality products possible. The company is also renowned for the quality of its advice and these factors have been key factors in the firm’s growth, which has seen it expand to serve customers in 80 different countries, exporting around 75% of its products.

Experience in production of accurate transformers

As might be expected, the company’s range of accurate transformers has been expanded to include models for a huge range of applications. These include indoor and outdoor voltage transformers, indoor and outdoor current transformers, bushing type transformers and combine transformers. The company has also developed enviable expertise in the casting process and a broad knowledge of the best techniques for each application. Supplying customers worldwide has allowed SADTEM to also develop significant expertise in the specific requirements of these international markets, their climates and environments. The company’s production facility is maintained entirely in-house and features modern robotic and computer-controlled machines.

Total quality for accurate transformers

The production of the most accurate transformers also requires robust quality systems. This is evidenced by the ISO 9001 certified quality procedures in place at SADTEM. The company also extends this system, checking the raw materials that enter the facility and maintaining stringent quality checks at every stage of the production process, culminating in testing of the finished products. The company also boasts an in-house laboratory, which is capable of carrying out a wide range of international standards tests and it also invests significantly in research and development to ensure continued quality.

Producing accurate transformers in quantity and to custom design

Because SADTEM has invested in at totally in-house production capability, it is able to control every step of the process and respond quickly to changing customer requirements. The modern and efficient facility can tackle large production runs with ease but the company also maintains the flexibility to manufacture custom accurate transformers to individual customer specifications. This capability is key to SADTEM’s close business relationships with high profile customers in diverse industries, such as electrical metering, railways and electrical utilities.