accurate transformer

accurate transformer

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Accurate transformer

SADTEM knows what it takes to make an accurate transformer. The company was formed in 1929 and has since specialised in the production of high quality medium voltage instrument transformers. From their headquarters in Douai, northern France, the independent firm has used more than 80 years of experience to build an unrivalled reputation for quality. The company is expert in casting processes and understands how each methodology is suited to particular applications. The benefits of this knowledge are increased by keeping all aspects of production in-house. This allows the company to closely control processes and ensure the continued quality of SADTEM transformers.

An accurate transformer for every application

SADTEM’s range of instrument transformers is extensive. The company produces outdoor and indoor current transformers, outdoor and indoor voltage transformers, combine transformers and bushing type transformers. The company’s ability to consistently produce an accurate transformer for a whole range of applications has been key to SADTEM’s growth over the years. The company now supplies clients in more than 80 different countries and exports 75% of its production. SADTEM’s clients are also varied, operating in industries such as electrical utilities, railway electrification, industrial and electrical engineering and revenue metering. Such clients appreciated SADTEM’s dedication to research and development and the quality of its products and advice.

The role of quality in the production of an accurate transformer

An accurate transformer must be produced according to the highest quality standards. SADTEM’s quality system has been certified to ISO 9001 standard and the company goes to extreme lengths to ensure total quality in all areas of production. Testing starts with inspection of raw materials entering the facility and continues throughout the process until final testing of the completed units. SADTME’s in-house laboratories are equipped to carry out a wide variety of international standards tests, such as impulse voltage, frequency withstand, accuracy measurement, temperature rise, ageing tests and climatic tests to -50 degrees centigrade.

Producing an accurate transformer to order

SADTMEM’s strategy of retaining total control of all aspects of transformer production results in the company having total control over all processes. This allows SADTEM to undertake bulk order but also to design an accurate transformer to exact customer specifications. By being so responsive, SADTEM can meet its customers’ business needs more quickly and help them meet their commercial objectives. This helps SADTEM build closer relationships with its customers worldwide.