Who are we ?


Founded in 1929 and located in Douai, SADTEM is an independent private company, specialised in the manufacture of metering and protection transformers for medium voltage, indoor and outdoor applications.

Recognised throughout the world for its range of products, its technical expertise in design and manufacturing as well as its quality of service, SADTEM is in the unique position of being able to provide a quick, standardised and specific response to every request.

The experience of its engineers coupled with the effectiveness of its IT systems (calculation, design, production, testing) makes it possible to supply sophisticated products to demanding users all around the world.

SADTEM represents 80 years of recognised experience and has a sophisticated understanding of the operating conditions faced by every one of its customers, as well as expertise in the use and control of complex materials while respecting the environment.

SADTEM dedicates a large budget to research and development in order to ensure that its facilities remain at the cutting edge of the latest technological advances. In addition to its own resources, SADTEM works closely with the leading European test laboratories, engineering schools and technology universities.