Compact range up to 24kV, 3000A

This compact range of indoor current transformers meets every requirement up to 24kV insulation.

  Transformateur de courant SW45 Transformateur de courant SW47


The standardization of the SW4 range enables interchangeability and results in easier primary connections and fixing.

The SW45 and SW47  types have the same height and primary connections. This consistency enables a standard switchgear conception for all specifications. 

These units can be mounted in every position and do not require any maintenance.

Dimensions : 

Over-insulated types

This range has 2 types for 20 or 25kV applications, requiring a higher insulation level.

(70kV 1min or 150kV impulse for example)

SW54 up to 1250A  and SW65-2 up to 3000A