Each transformer is routinely inspected and additional checks may be conducted at the customer's request.

Our laboratories and testing equipment are able to perform most of the type tests and ageing tests required by international standards:

  • impulse voltage up to 400kV (20 kJ)
  • industrial frequency tests
  • accuracy measurements at 50 or 60 Hz
  • temperature rise test
  • ageing test under voltage with exposure to UV rays, rain and salted fog
  • climatic test down to -50°C


Cutting edge automatic testing equipment, monitored by computers, provides a rigorous control of the routine tests and issues test reports in the language required by the customer.

In addition to the tests required by the international standards, we also proceed with a lot of internal inspections on receipt of the raw materials as well as during the manufacturing process. Any element which is at risk of causing a fault is immediately isolated and treated.